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Recovery House, Inc., a 501. C-3 nonprofit organization, has provided substance abuse treatment for females since 1985. Today, Recovery House, Inc. operates several facilities with a homelike environment and provides a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, including an emergency shelter and transitional housing for women served by Recovery House. Our objectives are to provide treatment for chemically dependent women so that they may live life as productive citizens free from the use of alcohol/drugs, to provide a homeless shelter for women with alcohol/drug related problems, and to promote public awareness with an on-going program designed to educate and inform the community about chemical dependency. Recovery House, Inc. is funded by Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Department of Housing and Urban Development, United Way of Lowndes, Clay, Monroe and North Central Mississippi.  Recovery House serves the state of Mississippi

Phase I : Primary Treatment - This phase consists of 30 days in-patient treatment. Clients may be referred by an addictions professional, self, family or others and must have primary diagnosis of chemical dependency.

Phase II : Secondary Treatment - This phase consist of 60-90 days in- patient treatment. This structured environment, continued from Phase I, includes Group & Individual Therapy, Life Skills Training, Educational Opportunities (GED program), Lectures, Step Work, 12 Step Meetings, etc. Clients must be referred by an addictions professional or have completed Phase I.

Phase III : Transitional Housing/Aftercare - Average length of stay is based on each individuals needs and their progress. They begin working during this phase and must be active in Recovery House aftercare program. Completion of Phase II is required before entering this phase of treatment and they must be referred by the staffing team. Aftercare program: Aftercare services are designed to assist individuals who have completed our program in maintaining sobriety and achieving positive vocational, family and personal adjustment. It is required that all participants be active in the Aftercare program.

Phase IV : Independent Living - After completion of transitional living, clients may benefit from our independent living program. In this program clients may live in housing provided through a lease agreement with Recovery House. This program allows clients to live on their own, with their families, or with another client and to continue receiving supportive services. This program is subject to availability and eligibility. Clients must be referred by the Recovery House, Inc. staffing team.

  •  Structured Environment             
  •  Educational Lectures
  •  Individual Therapy
  •  Group Therapy
  •  Special Needs Counseling
  •  Family Programs
  •  Behavior Modification
  •  Life Skills Training
  •  Employment/Job Opportunities 
  •  Case Management
  •  Parenting Skills Training
  • 12 Step Meetings
  •  Peer Group Support
  •  Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Outreach Services
  • GED/Education Program
  • Community Education


    The staff at Recovery House recognizes the special issues that each woman faces in her recovery. We specialize in working one on one with our clients in creating change in their lives, with focus on identifying personal problem areas and leading the client through a program of recovery on all issues. Recovery House, Inc. actively participates with Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services in assisting our clients.

    If you have a friend, relative or know someone who needs help with this disease, you can be the intervening factor that may make a difference for them.

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