Do you treat only dependencies involving alcohol or drugs?

Although that remains the primary focus of our treatment program, we do treat some co-occurring disorders.

Will I be able to stay in contact with my family?

Yes,  we strongly encourage family visits during a client’s stay. And, to the extent that other family members may be affected by a client’s dependency, we also offer counseling opportunities for families to help them understand the changes their family member is undergoing during treatment, and how they can help once the client completes the treatment program.

Is Recovery House a smoking or non-smoking facility?

Recovery House does allow clients to smoke outside in designated areas.

Who is allowed to visit me while I’m there?

Recovery House only allows immediate family members to visit, unless there is a special approval by staff.

Can my family send or bring me packages while I am in treatment?

Items may be brought to clients only during business hours, M-F, 8a-5p, and left at the Administrative Office – This means clothing items or money only. If this time in inconvenient, items may be mailed to the appropriate address. No items may be brought in on visitation day (other than money). All other items/personal hygiene must be purchased in the store (Admin Office) while residing at Recovery House.

Can I obtain an overnight pass while in treatment?

Yes, clients are allowed to leave for an approved day pass and overnight pass when in secondary treatment. The rules for leaving on an overnight pass are as follows: One bag out, one bag in policy. Client should pack only what is necessary for overnight pass. Client may take other items to be left at home. Personal hygiene items may be purchased while on pass and brought back, provided that the 1 bag in policy is not exceeded. All items will be searched upon returning from pass.

What should I bring with me?

Identification: You will need to bring one of the following forms of I.D.: picture identification, social security card, voter’s card, or birth certificate.

Clothing: Regular t-shirts, walking shorts, blue jeans, jogging pants, and sweat pants are permissible. In addition, shoes and undergarments are required. Shorts more than three inches above the knee, t-shirts, stretch tank tops, mini skirts, tight pants or crop tops are NOT allowed. Clothing depicting sex, drug or alcohol related scenes or advertisements are inappropriate clothing while in treatment.

Money and Valuables: You will be responsible for your spending money. Any valuables brought with you will be your responsibility.

General Things: Toiletries, envelopes, stamps and paper may be brought to write letters to family and friends.  Linens and pillows are provided to all clients. No pillows are allowed to be brought.

Vehicles:  To have a vehicle while in treatment, you must show a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance and must comply with all state laws.